Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yoga classes were filled with moving as a team, imagination, skill strenthening, partner play and practicing our breath work.

                                                               Being still is a skill

Connecting our imagination to movement is just plain FUN! 

I have come to believe that part of being human is our love of stories; listening and telling...

Mr Dustin came each day and enchanted us with his story telling.
Miss Julee always had a book for the perfect moment.

And we loved the adventures of reading on our own.

Free to be ME!

Crafting time = community time!

Mr. chris workouts makes us confident and strong!



Our bodies are made to move!

Camp Yoga Adventures MEA !! 2016

What a wonderful 2 days we had at Camp yoga.The kindness and curiosity never stopped.
We had two days of crafting , exploring nature, moving our bodies, and stilling our mind.
Friendships were formed and memories made. Enjoy a glimpse into our time together.
1 rock, 1 petal , 1 leaf and 1 surprise!

making a mandala out of our gatherings.

Fall, yoga and kids the perfect combo to create smiles!
they are striking their favorite poses!